Judi Goltz Drake before and after Club One Athletics best gym in Oakland Park


In 2013, Judi came to Club One Athletics frustrated with her weight gain. As most women experience, her metabolism slowed down. Ever since having children she has struggled with maintaining her weight. In the past 3 years with Club One Judi has lost over 40 lbs., competed in The CrossTraining® Open and broken countless personal records. Judi is a true example of what consistency and committment to your health can produce.

I’ve lost 12 pounds since starting

Club One is by far the best place to workout at! I was always so bored going to the gym and doing the same routine over and over again. I always ended up quitting. I joined Club One 2 months ago and the best decision I did!! Chase and all the coaches make the WODs fun, challenging, and you’ll never do the same thing over again! The community of people that go are always so encouraging and you feel welcomed when you come in. One of my favorite parts is knowing that the coaches care about you and take care of their people they are coaching. You will always be taught proper form.

I’ve lost 12 pounds since starting and it’s amazing to see how much your body can do if you challenge yourself. Chase will give you nutrition help and coaching so you can archive your goal. Ask about the Advocare 24 day challenge! That stuff works!! Spark will be your best friend through the day and before a workout! If you’re looking for a place to join pick Club One! You wouldn’t regret it!!!

Jocelyn Padilla

Try it out, you wont be sorry

I was skeptical of joining CrossTraining because to be honest, it looks scary. I decided to join recently and couldn’t be happier. This particular CrossTraining has great coaches and I enjoy the workouts. There are several women in the classes which surprised me. I thought CrossTraining was male dominated but the classes are definitely geared to suit both men and women’s needs. There are several class offerings throughout the day and evening which works with my schedule. I look forward to continuing attending classes at CrossTraining. Try it out, you wont be sorry!

Kristin Royal

one of the best boxes I have ever visited

This place is what CrossTraining is all about! With a friendly owner and members that will greet you with a smile and introduction, they will also compliment you when you reach a goal, or motivate you when you struggle through a WOD, it is one of the best boxes I have ever visited (I have been to 40+ boxes across the country)!

They have the equipment needed to perform standard and unique WOD’s. If you are within a 30 minutes drive, this is the place to try out, become a member and stay to be part of their family!

Eric Heim

Can’t wait to come back

I’m visiting a friend in FL and he told me to try CrossTraining with him at Club One. It was a great experience! Chase tailored the workouts for me since I have a troublesome knee, but the workouts were still very challenging. Everyone was very nice and you can definitely tell they like being there and around each other. Can’t wait to come back!

Jose Mirabal

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Club One Athletics is 5-star Google-rated as the BEST gym in Fort Lauderdale according to the reviews of our members. We offer a wide range of programs like CrossTraining, personal training, bodybuilding, bootcamps, weight loss, nutrition, and supplement consulting in our state-of-the-art gym in Oakland Park, Florida, located just minutes from Wilton Manors, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

We are a family owned gym operated by certified trainers and coaches, committed to providing you motivation, accountability, and results.  

We enjoy supporting our clients, and standing for them to reach their goals.  Believing in them until they believe in themselves is the passion that creates extraordinary results! When a client learns a new move or hits a personal record it reminds both us and them, that anything is possible with commitment and consistency!

Club One Athletics has a 3,000 square foot group-fitness class area and a 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art air conditioned personal training studio. Nationally certified coaches provide the best group fitness classes and certified personal trainers offer one-on-one fitness training to help you build muscle, lose weight, and feel great!

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