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Abs are built in the kitchen

Nutrition Club One Athletics. You can’t out-train a bad diet, but you can eat to perform. You can lose weight, build muscle, and feel great! Eat mostly lean meats, garden vegetables, especially greens, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.

Skip the middle for a better middle

Try shopping the perimeter of the grocery store where the real food is, anything in the aisles is likely processed. Real food has a short shelf-life and expiration date. Foods like bread, rice, pasta, sweets, and soda are all simple carbohydrates high on the glycemic rating scale. Processed foods that are refined, ground, bleached, or overcooked are also higher on the glycemic than the natural alternative.

Some carbs are good!

Is is important to avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates that raise blood sugar too rapidly, causing your body to release insulin and store fat. Long before grocery stores, we thrived on real, natural food, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, energy, and mood by preventing hyperinsulinism – or a rise and fall in blood sugar.

Calories matter

Keep in mind caloric intake still matters. Agricultural and food industries have advanced faster than our bodies can adapt so we are no longer equipped to handle the high-calorie chemical-filled foods that are being processed and produced. The recommended caloric intake for women is about 10 calories per pound of body weight, and about 11 calories per pound of body weight. Roughly 30% of the calories should come from protein, 30% from fat, and 40% from carbohydrates. These recommendations, of course, depend on health, activity level, and goals.

We got you

We are here to support you further in making healthier decisions based on your training program! As your fitness level improves, so should your nutrition. Fortunately, we have great solutions to supplement your body with what it’s NOT getting from your food intake.

Interested in supplements?

Check out our supplement lines! you might recognize Rich Froning, 4x CrossTraining worldwide competition winner who uses Advocare!

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Personal Training - Be in the best shape of your life!  Improve your physique and performance with one-on-one private coaching from one of our certified coaches.  Your custom fitness routines will be programmed specifically for you and are complimented with a custom nutrition plan to accelerate your results.   The motivation, accountability, and results provided by your personal trainer are guaranteed to leave you loving your workouts and loving your body!  Your custom personal training program can target anything from muscle building, toning, or fat loss, to corrective exercise and sport specific training.   Your one-on-one dedicated trainer will accomodate your schedule, keep you on track, and guarantee results!

Active Isolated Stretching - Hands on Active Isolated Stretching with your private trainer will improve range of motion, performance, circulation, injury prevention, and recovery.  


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