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Club One Athletics free ebook download Healthy Lifestyle Guide - Everything You Need To Get You Ready Before the Gym

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Healthy Lifestyle Guide —
Everything to get you
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Free Download: Healthy Lifestyle Guide. We only get one body, yet most of us put our health second to our career, our finances, or our schedule. We are here to remind you to stop it. Your life is now and you only get one body, so together we will cover the topics that will set you up for success. Your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle will dictate your health and the rest of your life. Get ready to take yourself to the next level!

Tools you’ll get in this guide: 

  • Healthy Food Chart
  • Healthy Fats Chart
  • 7-Tips to Healthy Meal Timing
  • 9-Ways to Avoid Dieting
  • 11-Lifestyle Practices
  • Creating Your Custom Meal Plan
  • At-Home Workout Guide
  • No-Equipment Exercise Chart
  • Healthy-Habits Tracker


In order to ensure you reach your goals get your first free workout one-on-one with a coach who will make sure you know and can perform all the fundamental functional fitness movements before entering classes.

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