What is "Functional Fitness"?

Functional fitness is a broad term that encompasses a variety of exercises. At its essence, it’s a way of training that is meant to enhance your physical quality of life through greater strength, flexibility, agility and balance. How you get there is up to you. The training at Club One is a powerful and effective mix of body-weight training, compound movement, tabata, kettlebells, core and olympic-lifting, much like today’s current CrossTraining trend.

What kind of training does Club One Athletics offer?

We offer a style of training geared to new and experienced athletes based on the principles of functional fitness and CrossTraining style training. This is not your usual garden-variety gym with a sea of machines. We like to say don’t train with machines, become one. You don’t need machines to be strong and healthy. If you are new to this kind of training, we will build a program to help you make fast gains and gain confidnce. If you are an experienced athlete, you will be driven to excellence amongst other athletes.

Is this kind of training dangerous?

Sitting on the couch is more dangerous! Many of the exercises we teach are based on athletic, Olympic or CrossTraining type of training – we will push you beyond your comfort zone, but not beyond your current thesholds. This is functional fitness at its very best – you’re not just pounding a treadmill or locked into a machine. Everything in your body is working. That sets you up for LESS injury and pain in your everyday life. Our coaches care. We watch your form, we answer your questions. We will teach you the basics while inspiring you to take on new goals.

And best of all – it’s FUN!

I'm new! What can I expect?

Expect to find a family of really nice people who want to cheer you on. Not kidding. Come with a pulse and a desire to be better than you were yesterday, and you’ll be in fine company. We have athletes of all ages, abilities, and body-types here. We will work to make your form is on point and push you beyond your comfort zone with respect to your current thresholds. This is a friendly, no-bull gym that you’ll quickly call home.

I am an athlete. Can you support me?

YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes!! The owner and coaches are first-rate athletes who participate in CrossTraining competitions, and our oldest, most faithful clientelle are fanatical diehards. We bike, climb, scuba, run, surf, wrestle. Welcome to your new family.

I wanna compete. Can you help me?

YAAAASS! Our coaches are CrossTraining competitors, power-lifters, and bikini competitors. We know how to get you there.

I am injured / heavy / a mom / "old" / a girl / etc....etc....etc.....

Yeah, and you are so much more. We have serious athletes of all levels who are anywhere from 18 to their 60’s. We’ve all had injuries, and know what it takes to recover and work around them, even becoming stronger in the process. It doesn’t matter what you think you are. We see the hero in you, and will help you see it too.

Can you help me with nutrition and supplements?

Sure can. We will analyze all your body stats and set you up with a nutrition plan to help you win. We also use Advocare® products and supplements and have a wealth of knowledge for navigating the greater world of supplements at large.

Alright. I'm ready. Now what?

Schedule your first free workout. Meet up with one of our coaches and talk to them about where your at and where you want to be. If it’s a fit, join the fam and the fun.


Personal Training - Be in the best shape of your life!  Improve your physique and performance with one-on-one private coaching from one of our certified coaches.  Your custom fitness routines will be programmed specifically for you and are complimented with a custom nutrition plan to accelerate your results.   The motivation, accountability, and results provided by your personal trainer are guaranteed to leave you loving your workouts and loving your body!  Your custom personal training program can target anything from muscle building, toning, or fat loss, to corrective exercise and sport specific training.   Your one-on-one dedicated trainer will accomodate your schedule, keep you on track, and guarantee results!

Active Isolated Stretching - Hands on Active Isolated Stretching with your private trainer will improve range of motion, performance, circulation, injury prevention, and recovery.  


Your first club one workout – free!

Choose your level of experience and register today for your first FREE workout.

I'm Experienced!

Come workout with us FREE!

I'm a New Athlete!

Try your first session FREE!

Your first club one workout - free!

Choose your level of experience and register today for your first FREE workout.

I'm Experienced!

Come workout with us FREE!

I'm a New Athlete!

Try your first session FREE!


Club One Athletics is 5-star Google-rated as the BEST gym in Fort Lauderdale according to the reviews of our members. We offer a wide range of programs like CrossTraining, personal training, bodybuilding, bootcamps, weight loss, nutrition, and supplement consulting in our state-of-the-art gym in Oakland Park, Florida, located just minutes from Wilton Manors, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

We are a family owned gym operated by certified trainers and coaches, committed to providing you motivation, accountability, and results.  

We enjoy supporting our clients, and standing for them to reach their goals.  Believing in them until they believe in themselves is the passion that creates extraordinary results! When a client learns a new move or hits a personal record it reminds both us and them, that anything is possible with commitment and consistency!

Club One Athletics has a 3,000 square foot group-fitness class area and a 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art air conditioned personal training studio. Nationally certified coaches provide the best group fitness classes and certified personal trainers offer one-on-one fitness training to help you build muscle, lose weight, and feel great!

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